Endurance Mode, Capsule Machine Hops into Frogger in Toy Town

Even though on surface level, Frogger in Toy Town might look a bit like a generic mobile adaption of a beloved property, in reality it’s a fun, robust iteration of everybody’s favorite virtual frog. Reminiscent of an upper mid-tier Game Boy Advance title, Frogger in Toy Town is an experience where you can turn your brain off an simply hop through increasingly difficult levels attempting to rescue cute froglets. It’s not the most revolutionary Apple Arcade title, but it’s perhaps one of the titles that most exemplifies the “arcade” moniker thus far.

Konami has been updating the game the past year and change with new stages and content, but today comes one of its biggest updates yet, with the publisher announcing the addition of a new ranked Endurance Mode.

Endurance Mode can be played on three available courses — Toy Town Course, Midnight Course and Party Course — and is an endless runner mode that has players attempt to stay alive for as long as possible in an attempt to rack up a high score that can be compared with players worldwide. The courses will be either Lane Stages or Physics Stages, the former of which are the classic Frogger style of avoiding obstacles and the latter having players utilize physic-based obstacles to get through the stage.

Furthermore, Frogger in Toy Town has also implemented a new collection element in the form of Capsule Toys. Players can now earn reward medals from Story Mode or stamps from Endurance Mode that can be redeemed in a Capsule Machine to receive one of more than 300 toys that can then be displayed alongside their trophies in the Museum. Those who collect all toys and trophies will be awarded with a new Golden Frogger Costume.

Finally, daily and weekly bonuses are coming to Frogger in Toy Town via a weekly stamp card for Endurance Mode that will allow players to earn Toy Coins by saving up the stamps received for reaching various scores, alongside a daily login bonus to earn more coins.

While these additions may on surface level seem typical of the free-to-play mobile universe, Frogger in Toy Town is part of Apple Arcade, a service that doesn’t allow microtransactions, so all modes and collectibles should be built into the core gameplay rather than enable players to spend real world money.