AYA Neo Reaches IndieGogo Goal in Under 24 Hours

The Switch has changed the industry when it’s come to expectations with what portable gaming hardware can do. Since its launch, we have seen things line the WinGPD come out to try and create a portable gaming PC – but most have fallen short when it’s come to running games beyond what the Switch can do. Sure, you might be able to run Overwatch at a higher framerate, but is that worth $1,000? Probably not. The AYA-Neo aims to bring a 6-core AMD Ryzen 5 processor alongside a Radeon graphics chipset to deliver higher-end gaming experiences anywhere.

The controller setup uses Switch-esque sticks, an Xbox button layout, and PS4-style triggers alongside a full-on d-pad. The battery is set to last 5-6 hours for lower-end gaming and up to 140 minutes for more demanding games. A full charge only takes 90 minutes, so it’s pretty quick. It has a 7-inch screen and a gyroscope alongside rumble motors. There are a wide variety of variants available, including a 500GB version for $788, while spending $869 gets you 1TB of storage and a choice of white or black colors. It looks fairly promising and early-bird looks at the device have shown that it’s able to do great work with well-optimized games. The IndieGogo has already hits its goal, but still has plenty of units available.