Blaseball Soundtrack Vinyl Pre-Order Now Available on iam8bit

Development studio The Game Band has announced Blaseball: DISCIPLINE, the vinyl soundtrack for Blaseball that was concocted by the garages. The garages are a queer anarcho-syndicalist musical collective formed as a direct, perhaps inevitable response to the game — a seeming musical outgrowth of it that is roughly as unsettling as the experience itself. The album gives listeners glimpses into the bizarre, crowd-sourced story of the off-kilter world of the hitherto soundtrack-less Blaseball, wherein reality has gone rudderless and time has no domain.

For the uninitiated (like myself, until I began writing this bit of news): Blaseball is… ahem… pitched as an absurdist, player-driven, corruptible, online game of baseball. But that does not nearly-well-enough explain the game. It presents as a sort of extremely simplistic fantasy baseball sim — and it is — but as you play it, you find there’s a creeping horror just under the surface, as the world around this fake team morphs and undulates and unlikely, unrealistic things happen to the hapless players. Each week begins a new season of the game, wherein 99 games are played and a team reigns supreme until the next week, when they may be toppled or, who knows, wink out of existence.

Fans of the game were so driven by the mysterious “otherness” of the game that they quickly built up a narrative to explain it. As with any online fandom, fan art is aplenty, much of it in the form of Blaseball cards featuring players like Adalberto Tosser of the Baltimore Crabs, or Workman Gloom of the Canada Moist Talkers (the fact that all of Canada is represented by a single team is just delightful).

The vinyl is available on iam8bit for $39.99, and is expected to ship Q3 2021. It will be packaged in a gatefold jacket, and features art by Mark Borgions. There’s no specific genre, or perhaps there is only One True Genre, it cannot be known. Each vinyl will include a mystery trading card and more card packs are available for purchase.

Developer The Game Band is based in Los Angeles, and their first game, Where Cards Fall, debuted in September 2019 on Apple Arcade, garnering a 2020 Apple Design Award. Blaseball launched in late July 2020 — The Game Band describes it as a massively multiplayer collaborative storytelling game that combines fantasy baseball and absurdist horror.

For a good, lengthy summary — including video — of this game and its fandom, head over to this Polygon article.