Review: Gunnar Optiks 6-Siege Ash Edition Gaming Glasses

Gunnar Optiks is the leading manufacturer of blue light reducing gaming glasses. The need for such glasses during gaming is open for debate with some swearing by them while others finding them completely unnecessary. Their biggest touted benefit is reducing exposure to blue light from spending hours in front of tablets, monitors, mobile devices and television. Some of the symptoms of heavy blue light exposure include eyestrain, dry eyes, blurry vision, headaches, difficulty focusing and disrupted sleep patterns. Gunnar Optiks has partnered with Ubisoft to bring some limited edition glasses that are based on popular Ubisoft games. One of the pairs we got to try out is the Gunnar Optiks 6-Siege Ash Edition, patterned after the glasses worn by Eliza ‘Ash” Cohen in the popular Tom Clancy franchise.

The 6-Siege Ash Edition accessories feel like they’re high quality with an aesthetic made to appeal to Rainbow Six fans. There’s a hard case for the glasses that looks like a miniature version of a gun case. Inside this protective casing is a branded cleaning cloth and pouch to carry the glasses. It’s overall a nice group of accessories that provide adequate protection for the glasses while having nice Rainbow Six Branding. One complaint about gaming glasses, which may be due to the light blocking casing on the lenses, is that even with the provided cleaning cloth getting smudges off the lenses isn’t as easy as it is with normal glasses.

These unisex glasses match the ones worn by Ash in the Rainbow Six universe, so are a good cosplay accessory in addition to preventing eye strain. The 6-Siege Ash Edition glasses have her semi-rimless frames to provide unobstructed viewing of the full gaming environment. One of the features of these particular Gunnar glasses is they have Amber-React adaptive lenses for indoor and outdoor use. These are basically the transition lenses of gaming glasses. When worn outside on a sunny day, the amber lenses turn darker and they work as sunglasses. They’re about medium tint sunglasses so people can still see the wearer’s eyes, but they do an adequate job of cutting down on glare. As far as the protection factor is concerned, the 6-Siege Ash Edition blocks 65% of harmful blue light while gaming indoors and 90% blue light and 100% UV while viewing digital devices outside.

Gaming glasses are one of those devices I never saw much of a point to, but after using them did feel benefits from using them. Between writing for this site, playing games for fun and killing time on my phone, I do spend a lot of time staring at screens. I do feel less eye strain and dry eyes when wearing them. The 6-Siege Ash Edition has a comfortable fit and given how lightweight they are can be comfortably worn for hours at a time, but since some people wear glasses all day that should be a standard expectation. One of my initial aversions to Gunnar glasses was the yellow lenses but there’s minimal change in colors on the game screen aside from whites. The way the lenses shift from gaming glasses to sunglasses is a nice feature. During the review process I did wear them outside a few times and they did a good job of reducing glare. Comfort with headsets is variable depending on the headset. Headsets that are designed for glasses comfort such as the Turtle Beach models felt fine, but some of the brands had inconsistent results.

From personal experience, Gunnar gaming glasses feel like they do help reduce eye strain and drying out my eyes. Whether or not someone should wear these glasses for eye health reasons or is concerned about blue light exposure are concerns best discussed with their optometrist. In general the need for gaming glasses comes down to personal preference. If you feel eyestrain from spending long hours gaming, maybe these are worth checking out. If you think people talking about eyestrain sounds like a bunch of nonsense you probably don’t need them. The 6-Siege Ash Edition costs $99.99, while prescription versions up to +3.50 to -3.50 total power are available and start at $249.99.

Closing Comments:

For those who enjoy the benefits of gaming glasses, the Gunnar Optiks 6-Siege Ash Edition specs are a good option to consider. These are obviously meant to cater to Rainbow Six fans, so having them patterned after an in-game character and the branding on the pouch and cleaning cloth are a nice touch. The benefits and need for blue light blocking during gaming are largely up for debate, so if you don’t feel any eye strain from gaming I doubt I could sell you on these, but if it’s an issue these do seem beneficial in staving off eye strain.