Racing-Filled Nitro Bundle 2 Hits Fanatical

Fanatical loves them some high-quality bundles, and the second Nitro bundle offers more games across a variety of franchises. For a mere $5, you get F1 2019 Legends Edition, TT Isle of Man 2, WRC 7, DIRT 4, DIRT Rally, Gas Guzzlers Extreme, and Homebrew: Patent Unknown. F1 offers up an exciting racing experience, while Isle of Man 2 focuses on motorcycle racing. WRC 7 is a more serious rally racer, while DIRT 4 offers up a thrilling experience for off-road fans and DIRT Rally offers up a more rally-focused version of what makes DIRT great. Gas Guzzlers is a car combat game that blends tracks with gorgeous visuals and combat, while Patent Unknown is a vehicular sandbox that allows you to make any vehicle that your mind can imagine. There’s a ton of variety offered up here, and everything in it is worth owning in some regard – with the DIRT games being AAA-level racers at a rock-bottom price point.