Review: Logitech G333 Gaming Earphones

Most of the gaming headphones on the market are large and can be a pain to take on-the-go even if a case is included. Many users may have ear buds, but they don’t necessarily have a focus on gaming. Logitech is finally getting in on the ear bud business with the G333 in-ear gaming headset. While this headset isn’t wireless, the G333 offers a ton of versatility with excellent audio quality that’s built into a portable design. No matter what platform you play on, the G333 is the easy audio solution you may be looking for if you’re not interested in using a hulking headset.

The Logitech G333 uses flat cabling to help eliminated entanglement. I still found the headset getting tangled up, but it wasn’t as often and was easy to rectify with the flat cables. No knots or twisting so that’s already a bonus. The G333 includes a small pouch for storage as well which makes this headset even better for taking on the go. The cable length seems perfect for any way that you would play whether it be plugging into a controller or plugging into a device.

For those that aren’t accustomed to using ear buds regularly, there can be an adjustment in comfort in terms of having something in your ear for an extended period of time. The in-ear portion seems to go a bit deeper than traditional ear buds, but this also means they won’t fall out. Logitech has included three silicon gel tips that are different sizes to help contort to anyone’s ear. The G333 also comes with a USB-C adapter that can be plugged into the 3.5mm cord that’s used by default. This means it can be used with mobile devices as this is compatible with basically any platform out there.

Powering the audio on the G333 comes from gaming-grade dual dynamic audio drivers. One driver focuses on high and mid level acoustics and the other to drive bass. With the design of the G333, it doesn’t require a lot of power to deliver the audio as opposed to traditional gaming headsets due to not only the size of the G333, but also the fact that the ear bud is literally in your ear. I didn’t suffer from any ear fatigue using this outside of the initial use of the ear bud. I tested this with a laptop that features THX Spatial Audio and the technology worked well. Directional sound was also apparent in playing with the PlayStation 5. While the tech worked to a degree, it didn’t feel like it was as precise as using a traditional gaming headset, but the G333 got the job done in this department.

There’s a microphone included with the G333 that is used for communication. It’s housed within the volume unit that sits below the face. You are easily able to mute and adjust volume as this includes buttons and not a dial. The mic gets the job done in terms of communications and provides better quality than the in-line mic that was included with the PS4. Obviously, you can also use this to talk on the phone and it works well.

Closing Comments:

The Logitech G333 Gaming Earphones offers quality audio across the board with even better portability. The little things that Logitech has included such as the USB-C adapter, flat cabling and the carry pouch makes taking this headset on-the-go much more attractive. The dual audio drivers work well and offer a great gaming audio experience while providing comfort. The G333 is also available in various colors to help provide a couple of options. The ear buds are also comprised of aluminum and along with the flat cable design, the durability is here. The G333 only retail for $49.99 which is more than competitive with higher-priced full headsets.