Review: AndaSeat T-Pro 2 Series Premium Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs aren’t necessarily an essential component of a game room, but they do provide a certain aesthetic element to the room decor and are generally more comfortable than just using a folding chair. AndaSeat has a variety of gaming chairs available for purchase and Hardcore Gamer has taken to checking out their various offerings. Some of their models are designed to cater to a specific niche demographic, but most of their designs appear unique but are subtle enough where they could be appropriate for almost any general environment. The T-Pro 2 Series premium gaming chair fits in the latter category.

AndaSeat’s T-Pro 2 Series chair is available in three different color configurations: black, blue and black, or grey and black. While in past articles gaming chairs have been referred to as thrones, the T-Pro 2 Series is a king-sized gaming chair. The recommended user height is 180-210 cm or six to seven feet in height. The recommended weight is under 150 kg/330 lbs, but the black aluminum base and steel framework can support up to 200 kg/440 lbs. This is a gaming chair that caters to both the larger gamer along with the gamer of less-impressive stature who likes to have a large chair with room to stretch out.

Aside from being a larger gaming chair, many of the details about the T-Pro 2 Series gaming chair are comparable to other AndaSeat chairs. The chair can easily recline from 90 to 160 degrees using AndaSeat’s tilt mechanism and can lock into five different positions. The height can be adjusted with class 4 hydraulic nitrogen pistons. The linen fabric on the chair is soft and comfortable, and the velour head pillow and lumbar support cushion provide extra comfort and support. Like the other AndaSeat chairs we’ve covered, this one is filled with their AD Mould foam to help maintain its shape and comfort after weeks of use. At the time of this review the chair has maintained its shape and firmness, which has only been a couple weeks but the chairs that have been in the office longer have also maintained their structural integrity. The steel framework makes the chair feel sturdy, but this is also something we’ve come to expect from AndaSeat.

Assembling the chair is pretty much idiot proof, which I am qualifying by saying I’m an idiot and I was able to assemble it easily by myself, though it would be easier with two people. Assembling the chair by myself took about fifteen minutes and the included instructions are straight forward. The chair is about 50 lbs so it is heavy and awkward in its rather large box but once its assembled it glides across the floor. The 4D armrests are adjustable, but in their height and how far out the sit from the chair so they can have their placement customized for whatever is the most comfortable for the individual.

The T-Pro 2 Series gaming chair isn’t identical to other AndaSeat chairs we’ve reviewed and linked earlier, but what we’ve said about their overall quality applies to this chair. The three color options work well for just about any environment, and while they are all attractive in their own way, I went with the all black model. The fact that this chair is on the larger side adds to the comfort factor in my opinion, but that really does boil down to personal preference. The main selling point for the T-Pro 2 Series is its larger dimensions, which depending on the individual they may prefer a different model based on the recommended heights if they aren’t looking for a gaming chair that’s a little more spacious.

Closing Comments:

The T-Pro 2 Series premium gaming chair lives up to the expectations AndaSeat has set with their other chairs. The main difference between the T-Pro 2 Series and the other chairs we’ve reviewed is the linen exterior of the chair (compared to PVC leather) and its larger dimensions. When comparing this to their other chairs, the objective level of quality has been consistent and the differences regarding why this chair may be better or worse than one of their other models comes down to personal preference over the size of the chair and the feel of its material. Overall, the T-Pro 2 Series is a comfortable and durable gaming chair that’s easy to assemble and would look tasteful with any home or office decor.