The Struggle Between Light, Darkness Rages Eternal in Aeterna Noctis

Aeternum Game Studio gave more backstory to their upcoming metroidvania: Aeterna Noctis today. The game’s new story trailer describes a world caught in an everlasting and seemingly irresolvable conflict between the forces of light and darkness. Will players be the ones to finally bring an end to the timeless war, or will they wind up simply contributing to it? At this point, only the developers know for certain.

Aeterna Noctis will feature sixteen levels for players to puzzle and fight their way through as they continue their journey. Supposedly, players can experience the game in a non-linear fashion, with all levels designed to take their character’s full range of abilities into account. Aeternum Game Studios also promises an engaging story with many memorable moments and surprising twists and turns, so hopefully this will be the full package for metroidvania enthusiasts.

Aeterna Noctis launches for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year.