SNK’s King Joins the Lineup in KOF XV

Ever since the first Art of Fighting, King has stood out with her unique look and fast-break offense. As a bar brawlwer, she deals out pain with fast kicks, punches, and dazzling combos that are unlike anything else in the SNK roster.Today, SNK unveiled a new trailer showcasing her skills in King of Fighters XV.

As a former muay thai fighter, she is able to deal out a lot of damage with kicks and kick-based projectiles. As someone who loves fighting, her Art of Fighting role as a bouncer worked for her life – and Ryo’s victory in that game allowed her to leave Mr. Big’s control. In KOF, she became a more sympathetic figure and has been a staple in SNK’s most famous series since day one. KOF XV will be released on the PS4 and PC at some point in 2021.