NBA 2K21 Receives Patches for Both Last and Current Gen Versions

Today, 2K has announced that it has released an update for both the previous and current generation version of NBA 2K21. This is the sixth patch for the latest generation and the eight for the previous generation. The most notable change to the previous generation version of the game comes in the way of 2K Beach. There are new seasonal decorations located in the mode along with enabling new events that are due for the mode in the coming weeks. You can read the full Courtside Report on the previous generation version of NBA 2K21 here.

The update for the latest generation version of the game does mostly the same along with updating bugs. There are no seasonal decorations coming for MyCAREER, unlike the previous generation version. There are eight players receiving player likeness updates and this can also be seen in the previous generation version. You can read this Courtside Report here.