Whisker Squadron Blasts Off Into the Kickstarter Skies

Way back in 2013 Flippfly debuted with its take on the endless runner, Race the Sun.  The game involved flying a ship way too fast for the sheer number of obstacles and props littering the infinite plane, all from a veiwpoint that made it impossible not to think of Starfox, and it always seemed like a no-brainer to add a laser and a few enemies.  While that would have made Race the Sun completely different from what it was supposed to be it was still nice to dream about.  Seven years later in 2020 development started on Whisker Squadron, finally bolting not just the gun to Race the Sun’s spaceship but a whole lot more detail to the world it flies through.

Whisker Squadron is a forward-scrolling shooter starring cat-pilots soaring through randomly-generated levels created from hand-built parts, shooting down the kitty-bots of PAW Technologies.  Each run gives you one life to reach the end, through three chapters of branching paths to varying encounters.  Standard fly and shoot missions are broken up by shops, asteroid fields, random encounters that might give out bonus perks to the ship handling, and repair stations along the way, and at the end of each section is a final boss encounter that hopefully you’ll have enough health bar left to get through.  There are three different pilots to choose from, each with their own special weapon such as homing missiles or a shock wave, and while it doesn’t change the gameplay too much it’s nice to have options.

Part of the Whisker Squadron development plan has always been a Kickstarter campaign, and that launched earlier today complete with brand-new trailer to show it off.  While the demo/playtest from early February hasn’t made a return it showed off a game that played just like you’d have hoped, with a responsive ship needing to balance choosing the right flight path to chase after collectibles while avoiding incoming fire and trying to shoot down every enemy in space, sky, and land.  The video below shows the game in action, so give a watch and maybe head over to the Kickstarter page to help Whisker Squadron soar into existence.