First Demo for Music-Punching Kickstarter Unbeatable Goes Live

Unbeatable has had a pretty good week so far.  The Kickstarter landed hard and was fully funded before its launch day was over on Tuesday, but one of the missing pieces was the Unbeatable [White Label] demo that was initially planned to release on the same day.  Life happens and bugs simply don’t care what kind of schedule you’ve made, so while it wasn’t an optimal situation there’s plenty of time left on the Kickstarter clock and it doesn’t seem to have hurt anything too much.  The current plan is that Unbeatable [White Label] will go live on Saturday, featuring story content to go with the music gaming, but for now Unbeatable: Arcade Mix is freely available with five songs to choose from.

The way Unbeatable works is that the main character, Beat, stands still as the notes stream towards her in two rows, top and bottom.  Most notes just need a punch to be dispensed with, controller buttons for the low ones and d-pad for the high track, but there are note-streams as well that require a tap-and-hold at the start and another tap at the end, rather than the music-gaming standard of “hold forever”.  There are also obstacles to hop over with a high attack rather than punch directly, plus bigger enemies taking up both note tracks that you can wail on to your heart’s content.  Granted this sounds very similar to Muse Dash, but it’s a good system plus Unbeatable adds in direction changes, with the camera changing as notes switch from streaming from the right to coming from the left, and sometimes both at once.  The other major difference from Muse Dash is that there’s a huge chunk of game missing from the Unbeatable: Arcade Mix demo, and that’s the story mode.  Music is outlawed, but Beat and her band are more than willing to be outlaws to bring it back.  There’s definitely going to be more to it than that, of course, but that’s for Saturday’s upcoming [White Label] release to show off.  For right now, we’ve got a good set of five songs in Unbeatable: Arcade Mix to play with, and that’s a great start.

Unbeatable is running on Kickstarter now, and Unbeatable [White Label] will be on Steam.  For Unbeatable: Arcade Mix, head on over to and get playing now.