Mr. X Nightmare DLC Revealed For Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 was easily one of last year’s most acclaimed games, with us even declaring that it was “a must play for fans of retro beat ’em ups.” Almost immediately after its release, fans began to ask if there would be any DLC for the game that would extend the classic brawler experience even further. Well, it may have taken a while, but Dotemu have finally provided some details on the game’s first DLC, titled Mr. X Nightmare, which you can check out in the trailer below.

Oddly, said details did not seem to include a description of the DLC’s story, though between the name (with series villain Mr. X absent in Streets of Rage 4’s main story until now), snippets of more fantastical-looking new levels, and the shot of Dr. Zan from Streets of Rage 3 with the protagonists in some sort of VR get-ups in the background, it’s easy to guess some initial plot details. And with new stages comes new weapons (including a freaking swordfish) new music by Tee Lopes, best known for their work on the likes of Sonic Mania and League of Legends, among other games.

For many, though, the bigger news with this DLC is the addition of Estel Aguirre as a player character. Estel appeared in the game as a boss fight on two separate occasions, and immediately won over the crowd thanks to their badass design and story as a hero antagonist, being a special forces officer who’s just trying to keep the peace until (without going into spoilers) things go even further south. The trailer not only shows off their moveset (which includes a Streets of Rage classic), but also reveals the other characters will gain some new moves as well. And if that wasn’t enough, it all ends with by teasing two more new characters to arrive later as well. And even without the DLC, a free update alongside it will add a new Mania+ difficulty, an in-depth training system, and new color palette options for all players. No release date has been announced yet, but stay tuned for more details on Streets of Rage 4’s Mr. X Nightmare DLC as they emerge.