Pikachu Moods Collectible Line Revealed

Pikachu is undoubtedly the most recognizable Pokémon which makes it the perfect character from the series to receive even more collectibles. Starting now, fans can place orders for a new figurine featuring Pikachu. There have been others previously launched but the Pikachu Moods line is one everybody can relate to.

Up first is a very adorable, sleepy Pikachu shown with a tired expression. It’s wearing a blanket around its body and holding a plush Jigglypuff toy. Seeing Pikachu looking so drowsy is the perfect collectible for any sleepyhead. With vibrant painted details and its 4-inch height, this figurine brings a charming touch to desktops, night stands and other Pokémon displays. This is the first of seven that will be released throughout the year.

This is part of the Pokémon Moods series also featuring emoji-inspired Pikachu graphic tees. Have a closer look at the images below and visit the Pokémon Center website to place your order.