Blizzard Arcade Collection Gets Two Free Games Added to Lineup

The Blizzard Arcade Collection featured three great games when it launched in Blackthorne, The Lost Vikings, and Rock N Roll Racing – with the games receiving definitive editions and RNR receiving an HD update and a redone soundtrack to really kick ass. However, it felt like a somewhat incomplete collection since both TLV and RNR had sequels. Now, Blizzard has gone and updated the game to include those games. Both the Lost Vikings II and RPM Racing are now a part of the collection. These are the original 16-bit games and don’t have any remastering done to them – but maybe we’ll see that happen down the line. Either way, it takes what was already a pretty good deal in terms of sheer quality and makes it an even better value for the money.

The extras have been expanded with new design documents, and the definition edition of RNR has a streamer mode with MIDI versions of the licensed OST. This collection is a must for anyone who loved RC Pro-Am on the NES – as RNR is a revamped version of that with a killer soundtrack, while action-platformer fans will enjoy Blackthorne and puzzle-platforming fans will enjoy both Lost Vikings games. You can pick the collection up on the Switch or on PC as part of the celebration collections,