Playpulse Announces A Fitness Bike and Video Game Console

Trying to find a balance between gaming and exercise can be difficult. A few products have attempted to bring this gap before with varying results, and the newest device that attempts to do this is the Playpulse One, a fitness bike that has a built in video game console. The Playpulse One has exclusive video games built in with dozens more in development, with console controllers and heartrate monitors built into the handlebars. Users can also stream content from Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and so in addition to gaming and includes a Playpulse Studio app. When the Playpulse One launches in the later part of this year it will retail for $1999.00 but is currently available for pre-order at a discount of $1199.00 More information about this newest approach to combine fitness and gaming will be shared as details become available but for now we have a list of games and apps along with a brief description provided by the publisher listed below.

Pedaltanks – Capture the flag and win the war in this epic multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Pick your own tank, each with different stats and abilities. Then start to pedal and use the strength of your tank to cooperate with your teammates and beat the opposing team!
Bumpercars – What do you get when you put Bumper Cars in space? An epic arcade game. Bump your way to victory by knocking opponents off the tracks. Watch out though, your opponent get smarter every minute and are constantly finding new ways to attack. How long can you outsmart them?
Heat Street – Navigate colorful worlds, wisely use power ups to gain tactical advantage, and find the best shortcuts to beat the opponents. Keep your cool though, if you push your vehicle too hard it might just overheat and you`re out of the race.  Each vehicle has unique statistics and power ups suited for its personality.
Helios – a roguelite runner. Explore new worlds with Helios, your trusted spaceship. Collect valuable resources and upgrades as you pilot your ship across planets. Find the best paths and watch out for obstacles as you work your way through the different segments of your planetary exploration. Sure, Helios is a rugged ship, but there’s a limit to the beating it can take. Hit too many obstacles and you’ll have to start over.
Playpulse Studio – Our exercise app for people who just want to get the workout done. Choose between different workouts and let Playpulse guide your workout – automatically adjusting the resistance and showing you what speed to aim for. Create goals and monitor your progression and fitness.
Streaming Gamification – integrated with the streaming service of your choice using your personal subscription. Have the screen go blurry or dark if you`re not maintaining the exercise intensity you’ve set for the episode!
Platform Exercise Goals – In the Playpulse client you can create customized personal milestones for any workout goal you want to achieve. Exercise 4 days a week for a month? Bike the equivalent of Route 66, or London to Paris? Hit level 20 in Pedaltanks? Unlock all characters in Heat Street? Create your own goals and monitor your progress in our client!