Chernobylite Receives Final Mega Patch for Early Access, Release Date Announce

If you have ever been interested in exploring the remnants of Cherynobyl, then Cherynobylite may just be the game for you. While the game is currently available for early access on PC, the team at The Farm 51 has announced that the game will be launching in July and that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X versions will also be available. This true survival horror also receives its last update for early access that the team is calling the Final Mega Patch. The story will be the big focus of the game and the plot has been edited for this update. There will be main and side plots and this update involves Igor as he attempts to find his lost love Tatyana. This also involves facing Igor’s past. The audio has been re-recorded in both English and Russian.

The update also includes the first part of Heist, which is 1/3 of the final level of the game. Players can also arm their companions with armor and weapons. Game optimization including the addition of NVIDIA DLSS and improved AMD FidelityFX. Chernobylite is currently 20% off on Steam and all early access adopter will get free access to future DLC. You can check out some of the update notes below along with the release date trailer.



  • The game has been thoroughly optimized in terms of memory consumption and displayed geometry. The game run much better and more stable, while loading faster
  • We have thoroughly reworked the graphics settings. Now individual options should have a more pronounced impact on performance and scale better
  • We optimized this when the game uses data synchronously and when it uses data asynchronously. The vast majority of random FPS drops should therefore be removed
  • We’ve added save support in Steam Cloud
  • We added DLSS support and improved support for Fidelity FX
  • We’ve added support for Steam Achievements


Story and graphic:


  • The entire storyline of the game has been thoroughly rewritten and improved
  • All 4 fractal worlds summing up Igor’s investigation have been rebuilt, elongated and finished. A minilevel showing how Igor got Arianna’s possession as well.
  • New level: Heist. We’ve added the first part of Heist (about ⅓ of the total) so you can get a taste of what it’s all about before the game’s premiere.
  • All dialogue lines in the game are voiced with new VOs – both in English and Russian
  • New story character: Vagabond (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
  • New story character: Volodya (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
  • New story character: Hermit (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
  • New story character: Deserter (earlier character mesh was just a placeholder)
  • 5 new village characters (all earlier character meshes where just a placeholders)


AI and combat:


  • New enemy: Heavy Armored Soldier. The strongest and most formidable NAR soldier
  • We have added new properties to armor. Now wearing them affects how well our enemies can see and hear us
  • Opponents now react better to their surroundings. They hear worse in the rain, see worse in fog, and spot the player’s flashlight
  • We’ve added the ability to create a thermal sight for a rifle and shotgun
  • We’ve added the ability to convert the shotgun to a semi-automatic fire mode
  • We’ve improved how soldiers react to a melee attack. Igor’s fist should no longer be the ultimate tool of destruction
  • We added AI state indication. The player is informed whether the opponents are in combat, whether they are looking for him, whether he is being chased by a black stalker and how long it will all take
  • We improved the performance of covers. Opponents should no longer use covers that do not offer them any real protection
  • For the hardcore players, we’ve added a new difficulty mode: Insane. If Chernobylite is still too easy for you, be sure to try it out


Gameplay mechanic:


  • We’ve added the ability to arm your companions with armor and weapons. You’ve asked for it so often, so… Surprise?
  • We’ve added 3 new armor types, one for each tier
  • We have introduced severe punishment for death. Each time a player dies he will lose some valuable random items
  • We improved the save system. Now the player has 3 additional autosave slots, a separate quicksave slot (supported by F5 and F8), and each save is tagged with a screen, timestamp and playtime length
  • We updated the descriptions of items and clearly indicated how the items are used
  • We have added to the description of all crafting tables which specific items can be built with them


Redesign and balance:


  • We spelled out and updated all of the in-game tutorials. We are aware that Chernobylite is quite a unique game and a lot of its mechanics needed to be explained more literally
  • We have thoroughly balanced the amount of resources and items on the levels. Recipes needed to craft items and build structures in the base have also been balanced
  • We rebalanced all base stats
  • We have balanced the game difficulty levels. Now very easy should be really simple and accessible for players who just want to quietly learn the history of the game
  • The sounds and musical direction of the Quests have been greatly improved
  • There are now many more soldiers in the NAR secret prison, and getting out of it now requires more attention and cleverness
  • We have redesigned the armor status bar. Now it should more clearly inform about the current and maximum strength of the armor


Quality of life and feedback:


  • In the fractal timeline, memories that have only been slightly modified do not require interaction anymore
  • We have added the ability to disable the laser aim indicator. Use it if you want the fight with soldiers to be more like a classic action game
  • For people who don’t want to die, we have introduced an additional tutorial that will explain why it is worth dying in Chernobylite sometimes
  • We have greatly improved the performance of the game on low and high FOV
  • We have added ADS support in the game options
  • We have added the ability to split stacks into any parts
  • We have added the ability to call the quickuse menu with mmb for those who keep forgetting where they assigned what … and the ability to handle it with a scroll for those who do not want or cannot use it in the classic way
  • We’ve added an icon in inventory that shows what item is currently being used by Igor.
  • We have added the ability to disable head bobbing