Evercade VS is a Home Console That Plays Evercade Carts

The Evercade is an awesome handheld for gamers looking to play both retro and retro-inspired titles on physical cartridges. Since its release last year, new and exciting cartridges have continued to launch. Blaze Entertainment was not content to stop there. They’ve just announced a new device: the Evercade VS.

This is a home console iteration of the Evercade concept. The console allows for up to four players to engage in local multiplayer. There’s a new controller for Evercade VS, but you can also use your existing Evercade handheld as a controller for the system. Don’t want to buy additional official controllers? Bluetooth controllers you’ve already got will likely work with the system!

Your existing Evercade cartridge collection also plays in the new Evercade VS. In fact, the Evercade VS features two cartridge slots side by side. This allows players to have access to two cart’s worth of games at once, which is a fun novelty indeed.

Evercade VS will cost £89.99/$99.99/€99.99 and pre-orders open on May 28. Units are expected to start shipping this November.