Get Details on the Title Update for Monster Hunter Rise Coming Later Today

The first major title update for Monster Hunter Rise is nearly upon us, and Capcom has shared tons of details on what to expect. The first important detail is that it goes live at 5PM PT and 8PM ET on April 27, today, so players will be able to dive into it later this evening if they’re so inclined. The first is some great monster details players have been look forward to. Returning to Monster Hunter Rise includes the aforementioned Chameleos in addition to his Elder Dragon companions Kushala Daora and Teostra. Apex Rathalos and Apex Diablos will also make a stand in rampages, while we have confirmation that Apex monsters will now be available to fight outside of rampages. What rewards these normal apex fights offer we don’t know just yet, but it would be amazing if they got their own weapons and armor sets with this change. There will also be a brand new DLC pack available with the update that includes tons of new cosmetic items, and the update will include the first free Event Quests that will rewards all sorts of goods from new stickers to special armor items.

The newest update will bring tons of new exciting goods and is launching later this evening. Be sure to check out the full trailer with details below: