Let’s Build a Zoo to Let Management Sim Fans Go Even Wilder

Let’s Build a Zoo is an upcoming game from No More Robots and developers Springloaded Games, and while the title may seem vague at first, it is indeed a game where you get to build a zoo, and not the thoughtful documentary about the Crimean War you may have expected. Joking aside, though, what we have here is a zoo tycoon game with a charming pixel art style where you can create the animal sanctuary of your dreams…or nightmares, depending on your feelings.

Let’s Build a Zoo gives you over five hundred animals to work with, and a whole bunch of buildings, decorations, and more needed to create an appealing zoo, but it also has two major twists. First, it features DNA splicing mechanics that allow to combine any two animals, creating over three hundred thousand combinations, giving you a vastly larger amount of creatures to breed and import. Second, the game also features a full-on morality system, meaning you can mistreat animals and employees, even going down a path that…well, the end of the trailer below provides a peek at one such dark path. Let’s Build a Zoo arrives this Summer for the PC, with a closed beta happening soon that you can sign up for here.