Devolver and Deconstructeam Announce Essays on Empathy

Those who know about Spanish developers Deconstructeam may likely know them best for the adventure games they’ve released with the help of Devolver Digital, The Red Strings Club and Gods Will Be Watching. Beyond that, though, they’ve also spent a lot of time crafting short games distributed through the likes of, designed to explore different narrative experiences. And if you’re unfamiliar with those particular games, then you’re in luck, as Deconstructeam teams up with Devolver yet again for Essays on Empathy, a compilation of the developer’s various works.

Essays on Empathy collects ten of Deconstructeam’s various games that tell a wide range of unique stories, including those of a hitman working in a flower shop, a schoolgirl convinced that their skeleton belongs to someone else, and even the cyberpunk pottery game that acted as part of the opening to The Red Strings Club. It also includes a new game, De Tres al Cuarto, which sees players using a deck of cards in order to advance the careers of a pair of two-bit comedians. You can see these tales in action with the game’s trailer…which is NSFW and age-restricted, though, so you can only view in on YouTube. Needless to say, fans of Deconstructeam’s work and narrative adventures in general will definitely want to keep an eye out for Essays on Empathy when it arrives for the PC on May 18.