How the New Battlefield Reveal Can Excite New, Old Players Alike

Despite a lack of any official trailers or screenshots, eager fans have been aware for some time that a new Battlefield game will be released in the coming months. Back in 2019, EA not only confirmed that the game was in development, but that it would wait to launch until after the release of the to-be-announced next-gen consoles, which ended up taking place in November 2020 with the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. After the latest entry, Battlefield V, received its final update in June of last year, players only had to wait a couple weeks to see their first brief look at the next entry during a tech showcase at the EA Play livestream. Earlier this year, EA confirmed that the game would still be targeting a holiday 2021 release, with an official reveal set for the spring, while DICE acknowledged just last month that the “largest team ever” would be working on the highly-anticipated FPS. With that aforementioned reveal all-but-confirmed to take place in the next few weeks that will likely feature plenty of new information and footage, here are three key aspects DICE should address in order to answer some of the biggest questions surrounding the new game.

Next-Gen Advantages

With millions of new consoles already being sold in just their first few months of availability, plenty of prospective players are sure to have their hands on either a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S by the time the upcoming holiday season rolls around. While the new Battlefield will likely release on both last-gen and current-gen devices, one of the most intriguing elements of the upcoming game will be exactly how it takes advantage of the more powerful platforms. With faster loading times and an overall better presentation being likely, one could also hope that the new consoles could also support a higher number of players in a single game, upgrading from 32v32 to 64v64 to truly increase the grand scale of these battles. Plus, the franchise’s signature destruction could also see strong improvements on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, with no structure feeling truly safe from the explosive capabilities of your customizable soldier.

Battle Royale Round Two

Although the mode wasn’t available until several months after the launch of the base game, Battlefield V ultimately did end up receiving a battle royale component with Firestorm, which tasked sixteen squads of four players with surviving the overwhelming odds of other enemy squads as well as the ever-encroaching and deadly titular circle of fire. While the mode found its share of fans considering the popularity of the series and the genre at the time, Firestorm never managed to reach the heights of the likes of Fortnite, Apex Legends or Call of Duty: Warzone. This was likely due to a number of factors, considering the mode was outsourced to a secondary studio and locked behind a paywall of owning the base game unlike its free-to-play competitors. Fortunately, DICE has a second chance at taking the lessons learned from Firestorm and implementing it into their own take on the battle royale genre that would ideally be available for all players whether or not they own the upcoming full-priced game, although those that did could receive advantages in the form of cosmetics and other bonuses.

Return Trip Worth Taking

At this point in Battlefield’s storied history, the FPS franchise has visited nearly every major war in recent history, in addition to embracing modern technology and even creating a unique vision of the future at one point. So, while plenty of signs seem to point to the newest Battlefield taking place in the present day for the first time since Battlefield 4 in 2013, DICE has an uphill battle with convincing players that whatever familiar setting and time period they choose will be completely different from the last time players saw it. Finding that careful balance between the nostalgia of past games that also visited this time period and a clear emphasis on what separates and enhances this newest entry will be a key component of getting this newest Battlefield on the right foot as the game nears its launch later this year.

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