NACON Announces New RIG Headsets for Consoles, PC

NACON is bringing their controllers to North America soon – and along with their acquisition of the RIG line from Plantronics is set to help usher in a new era for the company. Over the years, the RIG line of headsets has been known for delivering high-quality sound while also being really comfortable and durable. In my testing of many headsets over the years, RIGs wind up not only delivering great sound, but they’re very durable and that counts for a lot when you’re in the middle of an extensive gaming session or just kind of leave headsets lying around from time to time. The RIG 500 Pro Gen 2 headset keeps the same wired setup as before, but includes a few upgrades. They have a steel headband with an emphasis on ensuring that it’s comfortable, durable, and flexible. This allows the headset to be worn for extended periods of time without becoming tiring – while its 50mm drivers help ensure that in-game audio is nice and crisp when it needs to be, and immersive for more story-driven adventures.

The RIG 500 Gen 2 will be available on May 20 at major retailers, with variants offered as well. The HC Gen 2 is for multiplatform gaming and is available now at Gamestop, while the HX Gen 2 is for Xbox consoles, the HS Gen 2 is for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and the HA Gen 2 is for PC-centric gaming and includes a y-splitter alongside longer cables. NACON also announced the wireless RIG 700 PRO series as well – offering a lightweight wireless experience for Xbox and PlayStation action.



The RIG 700 Pro series features a self-adjusting head strap and dual-material ear cushions to help ensure that a long play session is a comfortable one – without having to worry about tripping over a cable or having an overzealous cat chew it up. The 700 PRO Series has models for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, with the PRO HX working on Xbox consoles and the PRO HS working for PlayStation devices. The HX are available now, while the PRO HS hits in early August. We’ll be keeping an eye on both the PRO Compact controller and the new RIG line of headsets as well.