Another Windows-Based Portable PC Coming to Indiegogo

Just a few years ago there would be no direct competition to the Nintendo Switch in regards to PC form factors. That has changed with an increasingly competitive market. We’ve seen the GPD Win 3, Aya Neo, and now the ONEXPLAYER arrive on the scene.

ONEXPLAYER is also coming to Indiegogo for its crowdfunding debut in just a few days. The device might look like an oddball Switch, but it’s running Windows 10 under the hood. It will feature an Intel Tiger Lake processor and Iris Xe graphics. Don’t expect a cheap device. Just like the others before it, this is a super premium product. The “Super Early Bird” tier (only available to the first few Indiegogo backers) will still be priced at $819 minimum.

Interested to check the ONEXPLAYER out? The Indiegogo starts on May 10 but you can check out the coming soon page now.