June Release Date Announced For Stonefly

Back in February, Flight School Studio introduced us to their latest game, Stonefly. A shrunken-down adventure that mixes Smash Bros.-style combat with chilled-out exploration, it certainly came across as a rather unique game, to say the least. Back then, we knew it would be coming this Summer, and it looks like its getting the Summer started as early as it can, with the reveal of a release date that arrives in just a few weeks.

Following the journey of inventor Annika Stonefly as they set out to retrieve a family heirloom, Stonefly sees players exploring a (relatively) massive forest as they fend off insect menaces along the way. And for an example of this in action we have the first in a series of “Stonefly Snapshots,” seen below, with a quick glimpse of the type of combos one can pull off in the game. Stonefly is set for a June 1 release across all major platforms, and should hopefully provide a huge dose of small fun.