Journey to Moonray Flows into Steam Early Access Later This Year

Element 115 has announced a companion game for their upcoming Souls-like title: Moonray. Moonray takes place on a distant world, one so distant that the only viable means of reaching it is via hyperspace. This is where Journey to Moonray comes in: it coversĀ  players’ voyage from our world to Moonray’s strange planet. Fittingly, Journey to Moonray is a twin-stick shooter featuring many flashy effects and attacks. However, the standout feature here might just be its psychedelic, fluidic backgrounds.

Journey to Moonray is set to hit PCs via Steam Early access sometime in Q4 2021. Upon the game’s entry into early access, Element 115 aims to have forty levels for players to tinker with and around 700 fluid shaders to check out. Players should be able to unlock the ability to customize the space shooter to their liking too.

There will also be four game modes available too: Deadline (time attack), Survival (lives), Traversal (waves) and Boss Mode. Throughout Journey to Moonray’s time in early access, Element 115 plans on adding additional bosses, game modes and shaders, with the shader count estimated to be somewhere around 1,400 for release in Q1 2022. Post-launch plans include an eventual co-op mode and ports for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.