Call of the Sea Sets Out for PS4, PS5 Today

As of today, Out of the Blue’s Call of the Sea is a timed-exclusive no longer. Now, in addition to PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, fans can answer the call on both PlayStation 4 and PS5. What’s more, the game is on sale for PS Plus members until May 18. After that, Call of the Sea will be available for $19.99 via the PlayStation Store.

Call of the Sea is a decent adventure game that offers its players some good helpings of mystery and Lovecraftian dread. As Norah, players set off on a classically-styled adventure to a previously unknown island in the South Pacific. It’s  there that she hopes to encounter her lost husband once more, but she winds up stumbling upon something much, much bigger. Even if she doesn’t find her husband, Norah is definitely on the trip of her lifetime.