Monster Hunter World Now Makes Up More Than A Quarter of Series’ Total Sales

For all the success, both critically and commercially, Capcom have enjoyed in what has been a monumental return to form these past few years, there’s perhaps no greater a surprise increase in fortune, than that of the Monster Hunter series. Specifically the sheer scale of success that 2018’s Monster Hunter World has received since its original launch more than three years ago. Going from strength to strength, with both an expansion and a Switch-exclusive follow-up having just as much a successful release. But it was today, during Capcom’s latest earnings release, where World’s scale specifically, was given more perspective.

Not only has the game now sold more than 17 million units across all platforms, but World alone now counts for more than a quarter of the series’ entire sales — Monster Hunter itself, comprised of more than 40 individual titles spanning its near-two decade history. Add to that the estimated 7.2 million copies of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, as well as the updated total of 4.8 million for Rise on the Switch alone and in the past three years, Capcom have nearly doubled the total series sales compared to where it was prior to World’s release. A feat that is sure to only get bigger once Monster Hunter Rise inevitably makes its way to PC at some point next year.