Ghostrunner is Getting a Sequel

Developer One More Level aren’t wasting any time in getting back into the sword-wielding, wall-running world of Ghostrunner, with confirmation that a sequel to last year’s cyberpunk-themed antics, is already underway in development. 505 Games will once again be publishing the sequel to a game that has already passed the half-million mark so far as sales goes. What’s more, One More Level are well into providing a slew of free updates and new content to the 2020 title.

As detailed in the already-unveiled roadmap, one of which is a current-gen upgrade free for owners of the original game on either PS4 or Xbox One. Previously announced, but now has a targeted release of Fall of this year, Ghostrunner will also see the arrival of a new game mode planned for this coming Summer. The sequel to Ghostrunner is planned to release across PS5, Xbox Series X/S & PC.