A Pleasant Round on the Corpse of the World in Golf Club Wasteland Trailer

Movies and stories love a flashy end of the world, whether that be by meteor strike, war of either terrestrial or alien origin, the metaphor of zombies for a biological outbreak, or any number of other crowd pleasers.  Usually the end of the world is a story of hope, where humanity is beaten down to the bare minimum before solving the problem and rising up, if not triumphant then at least with the promise that, maybe, things will get better again some day.  The sneaking suspicion, though, is that the “I got mine, f*** you” crew will drain Earth beyond recovery, although how they ended up on Mars in Golf Club Wasteland is a bit of a mystery seeing as one desolate planetary wasteland is pretty much like another.  Still, while Earth may no longer be suitable for human life it’s only mostly dead, plus the rich can afford to come visit and whack a few balls around while exploring the remains of the life humanity once knew.

Golf Club Wasteland is a game with a very specific point of view, played out as you explore its urban courses.  As you bat the ball around the stage there are several ways its narrative plays out, with environmental cues hinting at Earth’s demise, pieces of the golfer’s story as to why he’s back on Earth jet-packing about the place to play a lonely game in the ruins, Radio Nostalgia from Mars broadcasting old Earth tunes while people call in to chat about their memories of the place, and commentary from a spectator watching the golfer implying maybe the old home planet isn’t quite so abandoned as it seems.  That’s a lot of narrative for a 2D side-view golf game to carry, and sounds like it should be fascinating to watch the story unfold.  That will have to wait until August, though, when Golf Club Wasteland lands on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.  For now there’s a trailer showcasing the golfer’s desolation tourism, but be careful of the bleak final closing dialogue.