Future of Play Indie Showcase Set For This Weekend

Well, both Summer Game Fest and E3 2021 are officially underway, everything should be properly set up…and yet we’re somehow still learning about even more showcases and events to be held. It looks like this Saturday will bring us the first ever Future of Play Direct, an indie showcase created by Glitch, a creator-led movement. Apparently, one of the unique hooks is that the presentation will draw inspiration from the likes of Toonami and ’90s anime, and it should be interesting to see how that comes into play.

In terms of games, Future of Play will showcase over twenty titles coming from the likes of Among Us developers Innersloth, Lethal League developers Team Reptile (so hopefully we’ll see some more of the upcoming Bomb Rush Cyberfunk), and Future Club, a new studio formed by a team of Former Lab Zero employees, among others. And it’ll apparently pack all of that into around twenty minutes, just in case you were worried that your schedule was starting to become a bit hectic. Future of Play will take place on June 12 at 11:15 AM PST, and we’ll see then just what this new spin is like.