Going on a Photography Tour in TOEM Album Trailer

Somewhere out there is a world of mystery and a young photgrapher is out to see it all.  The day has come to leave home and, with their Nana’s blessing, they’ve brought along an old camera to document every step of the way.  As it turns out that’s exactly the right tool for the challenges ahead, seeing as the many strange people, creatures, ghosts, and other beasties running around the place almost all need something requiring a photographer’s eye to document properly.  TOEM is a lovely and upbeat adventure through a black and white world filled with friendly strangeness, which is just the thing to fill up a photo album that will contain all the memories of the journey.

TOEM released a new trailer today in advance of the demo being released next week for the Steam Next Festival, and I actually got some play-time with the demo and can say that this is the kind of game that plants a smile on your face from the moment it starts.  The people you meet along the way are all a huge amount of fun, whether that be rave-bears, a frustrated skeleton, or a grumpy… porcupine-things?  Each area on the map has a series of small scenes with people to talk to and usually a secret or two to find, plus various bugs, birds, and other creatures to photograph and add to the Compendium section of the photo album.  It’s a surprisingly meaty demo and I keep poking back in to turn up another secret or two.  It’s definitely one to put on the radar for next week’s Steam Fest, and while the full game doesn’t have a set release date beyond “some time this year”, the new trailer below should make the wait for its demo a little easier.