Prepare to Enroll at Two Point Campus

Back in 2018, Two Point Studios teamed up with Sega to bring us Two Point Hospital, a terrific successor to Theme Hospital that saw you handling your own hospital full of several quirky patients, doctors, and more. But those doctors have to come from somewhere with some sort of education, and that’s what Two Point Campus is for. Revealed during Summer Game Fest’s Kickoff Live! event, the latest Two Point game allows you to build the university campus of your dreams, especially if your ideas for a university lean towards the more…offbeat.

Do you want your students to be able to enroll in Knight School? Go ahead! Can they take Gastronomy and build massive pizzas as a team? Why not! Do you want to train wizards, clowns, and bizarre sports players? Done, done, and done! Heck, you can even go beyond an education and help provide friends and extracurricular activities for the students as well, creating an environment that suits their personalities and various needs, and making sure the campus layout is also welcoming as as you build outdoors for the first time with new and creative tools. Two Point Campus arrives for all major platforms in 2022, and like Sega’s other recently-showcased title, Endless Dungeon, you can get a free in-game item if you sign up for the mailing list at the game’s official site.