Sable’s Release Date Revealed Alongside Japanese Breakfast Performance

One of the most anticipated open-world games for many hasn’t necessary been some triple-A title, but rather Sable, from Raw Fury and developers Shedworks. The stylish desert landscapes, Moebius-esque style, and smooth action as you glide around just seemed to create for a nice and chill game that encourages exploration. And of course, there’s the soundtrack provided by Michelle Zauner, best known for performing (solo or otherwise) as the indie rock/pop act Japanese Breakfast. And during Summer Game Fest’s Kickoff Live! event, Japanese Breakfast (hot of the heels of their critically-acclaimed album Jubilee) not only showed up for a performance of “Glider” from Sable’s soundtrack (which you can see below) but there was also a surprise after it.

Yes, after being delayed a couple of times, Sable finally has a release date of September 23. And it’s getting quite a rollout leading up to the release as well, as Sable will be a part of the Tribeca Film Festival this coming week, and will also be featured as part of Xbox’s second Summer Game Fest Demo Event as well. So you’ll have many chances to get a peek at this beauty before it comes out in the next few months, and hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.