Take a Trip to Planet of Lana With Thunderful and Wishfully Studios

Events such as Summer Game Fest’s Kickoff Live! are typically seen as being geared towards major AAA titles, but it’s important to remember that these can be valuable showcases for smaller titles and developers as well. Case in point, Swedish developers Wishfully Studios and their debut game, Planet of Lana. This “cinematic puzzle adventure” is now set to be publisher by Thunderful and was prominently featured during the event with the trailer below, which turned a few heads.

Planet of Lana is set on an alien world, but the titular Lana is actually the name of our main heroine. And going by the clip, the planet itself is undergoing some tough time, due to what appears to be a machine invasion of some kind. So now Lana and their critter companion Mui will have to run, jump, and sneak their way past several obstacles while using their wits as well, whcih becomes even harder when encountering some…larger critters, let’s say. Featuring a blend of hand-drawn artwork, parallax layering, and 3D graphics, the end result is meant to appear like an interactive painting, Planet of Lana certainly looks like a breathtaking platformer, though we’ll have to wait until Late 2022 when it arrives for PC, XSX, and XB1. More details are set to be shared at a later date, though, so stay tuned.