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Hardcore Gamer traces its roots back to a magazine founded in 2005. At a time when magazines were shutting down, it did the opposite. Within months of being founded, hundreds of thousands of issues of Hardcore Gamer Magazine were distributed to subscribers internationally. It quickly became a trusted source in the industry, employing only the top writers who were also seriously hardcore about gaming. In 2012, with the ever-expanding internet becoming the clear journalistic focus of the world, Hardcore Gamer was relaunched as an online website.

Now one of the most frequented independently owned and operated gaming journalism websites in the world, Hardcore Gamer has one of the largest active video game review libraries in addition to top video production and heralded long-form content. We’re devoted to delivering articles that you won’t read anywhere else. So long as it meets our strict standards, we don’t censor content that our writers wish to print — popularity be darned. In addition to unique features and news, you will see articles that are solely informed opinions, putting a true gamer’s spin on a story.

Owing to our history, Hardcore Gamer sticks to its mantra: No Nonsense, Just Games. We operate as if we were a gaming publication circa 1999 — focusing solely on what you need to know about games. We’re apolitical, we don’t do “clickbait,” and we don’t do sensationalist stories. Those who click on most any Hardcore Gamer article will find a page of gaming goodness from somebody who lives and breathes games aimed at somebody who lives and breathes games. Just how it should be. With our staff consisting of veterans of the industry and promising newcomers, we’re a forum where the hardcore gamer’s voice can be represented by the media. After all, we’re one of you.

Hardcore Gamer is provided with complimentary review samples for the majority of releases it covers. These considerations do not have influence nor impact our evaluations of said releases.