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Legendary Aspect

Consuming a Corpse increases the damage of your next Core Skill by [5 – 10]%, up to [25 – 50]%.

Allowed Item Types:

1H Weapon
2H Weapon (Power Increased by 100%)
Amulet (Power Increased by 50%)

Binds to Account on Pickup
Cannot Salvage

Cadaverous Aspect is a Legendary Affix in Diablo 4 that has a chance to be found randomly on Legendary quality items. All Legendary Affixes share a table, meaning any Legendary item could have any of the Legendary affixes. Unique Items are the exception, they will always have a specific affix

Class Restrictions

Cadaverous Aspect can only be used by the Necromancer class.

In Diablo 4, the strength of affixes are randomly generated within a range of values. This is shown in [parenthesis] in tooltip above. For many affixes, the values that will be chosen are often either the minimum or the maximum of the range shown, but can also be set in specific increments (ex. 1%, 5%, etc.)

Where To Get Cadaverous Aspect Affix in Diablo 4

Cadaverous Aspect can only be found as a random drop on any Legendary Item in the game. Since there is no Codex of Power entry for Cadaverous Aspect there is no objective that can be met to unlock it for perpetual usage to extract and imprint at the Occultist NPC.

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