Starfield | All Armor Affixes (Rare, Epic, Legendary Perks)

Here is a list of all the possible Affixes or Perks that can be found on Armor in Starfield.

How To Add Affixes To Armor With ID Codes

In order to add an affix or mod to items you must follow these steps:

  1. Point at the item in the game world with your cursor. (If the item is in your inventory, drop it on the ground.)
  2. Press the tilde key [~] to enter the console.
  3. Click on the item to get the Ref number. For armor you should see the text: ARMO ” (Ref Number)
    1. If it says something else, IE. STAT, WEAP, or FURN scroll with the mousewheel to cycle through the text until ARMO is found. You may have to click again.
  4. Enter the text: amod (your-8-digit-mod-#)
    1. For example, to add the mod “Armor-Plated” you would type (without the quotes): “amod 002EDE59”
  5. Press the tilde key [~] to leave the console.
  6. Move your cursor away from and back onto the item to see the effect.

Armor can have up to 3 random affixes on it, having 1 will increase the quality to Rare, 2 for Epic, then 3 for Legendary. Armor follows the same affix limitations as Weapons, and can only have 1 affix from each of the groupings below.

Spacesuit Affixes – Group 1

If there are 3 Affixes listed, these will appear at the top of the tooltip; they will also be the name listed in the title of the Spacesuit.

Affix Name Description ID Code
Assisted Carry Reduces o2 consumption while encumbered by 75% 002EDE4F
Headhunter +25% dmg on next attack after a headshot 002C43DC
Incendiary 10% chance to ignite nearby attackers 00002983
Mechanized +40 carry capacity 000BE542
Mirrored 4% chance to reflect attacks 00059AE8
Peacemaker Rifles do 10% more damage 002D01A2
Reactive 10% chance to stagger nearby attackers 0006029F
Repulsing 5% chance to disarm nearby attackers 0006029D
Sensor Chip +20% acc while moving 002C43DB
Sentinel 75% chance to take 50% less dmg while not moving 000BE540

Spacesuit Affixes – Group 2

If there are 3 Affixes listed, these ones will appear at the bottom of the tooltip; they will be the name listed in the title of the Spacesuit if there are less than 3 Affixes on the Spacesuit.

Affix Name Description ID Code
Anti-Ballistic -15% incoming dmg from ranged weapons 0013369E
Beast Hunter -15% dmg from aliens 001336BD
Bolstering Grants up to +100 energy and physical resistance, the lower your health 001336C6
Chameleon Makes you invisible in sneak while not moving 001336C1
Combat Veteran -15% dmg from humans 001336BE
O2 Boosted +20% oxygen 000690B0
O2 Filter -25% oxygen consumption 000690AE
Sturdy -15% incoming melee dmg 00133699
Technician -15% dmg from robots 001336BC

Spacesuit Affixes – Group 3

If there are 3 Affixes listed, these ones will appear in the middle of the tooltip; if there is only 1 Affixes listed, they will be the name listed in the title of the Spacesuit.

Affix Name Description ID Code
Analyzer +10% dmg to scanned targets 000690AF
Antiseptic +25 airborne resistance 000710FA
Auto Medic Automatically use a med pack when hit and health is below 25%, 60s cd 000C9A43
Fastened +20 carry capacity 002EDE4E
Galvanized +25 corrosive resistance 000710F7
Hacker +2 max auto attempts that can be banked while hacking 002C43DA
Leadlined +25 radiation resistance 000710F5
Liquid Cooled +25 thermal resistance 000710F6
Resource Hauler Resources weigh 25% less 00060293
Staggering Small chance to stagger enemies 000e8d64
Weapon Holsters Weapons weigh 50% less 00060295

Helmet Affixes and Mods

Helmets have a smaller pool of affixes that can appear on them

Pack Affixes and Mods

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