Starfield | Chunks Cola – Packaged

Chunks Cola – Packaged


A cola-flavored Chunks food cube. Packaged for freshness.
  • Restores 3 Health
  • +10% O2 Recovery for 3m

Chunks Cola – Packaged is a Common Aid in Starfield. When consumed, it provides the following effects: Restores 3 Health, +10% O2 Recovery for 3m.

The base item has a Mass of 0.2 and Value of 75. This makes it a low value per weight item.

How to Get Chunks Cola – Packaged

Players can find Chunks Cola – Packaged from many various random locations, in crates, on corpses, and at various vendors. Certain Aid items that cure Status Effects can be purchased from a Doctor in most settlements, such as at Reliant Medical on Jemison. Others can be purchased from specific Vending Machines for a small fee.

Chunks Cola – Packaged Item Code

Players can spawn this item with the following console command:

  • player.additem 00206767

Chunks Cola – Packaged Uses In Crafting

Chunks Cola – Packaged can also be used in crafting in the following recipes:
*note that Chunks Cola – Packaged is classified as Soda, and can be used in recipes that call for any Soda.

Item Type
Boom Pop! Dynamite Food
Disastrous Shipwreck Food
Very Heavy Water Food

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