Starfield | Kumasi VIII-d Moon Information and Resources

Kumasi VIII-d


Starfield’s Kumasi VIII-d Moon Location On Map

Kumasi VIII-d is a Moon in Starfield and can be found orbiting Kumasi VIII in the Kumasi System.

Kumasi VIII-d Resources Available

The following table shows the resources available on the Moon Kumasi VIII-d: H20, Cl, Cu, Ni, Pb, SiH3Cl, F, Co

Resources in the same System as Kumasi VIII-d

The table below shows the Resources available on other Planets and Moons within the same System as Kumasi VIII-d:
Kumasi IH20, Cl, Pb, Ar, NePlanet
Kumasi I-aHe-3, Fe, TaMoon
Kumasi IIH20, Ni, U, Co, Ir, Pt, Pd, PuPlanet
Kumasi II-aNoneMoon
Kumasi IIIH20, Cl, Ni, Ar, CoPlanet
Kumasi III-aNoneMoon
Kumasi IVH20, Cu, Ni, Pb, Co, DyPlanet
Kumasi IV-aHe-3, Al, BeMoon
Kumasi VNonePlanet
Kumasi V-aH20, Cu, AuMoon
Kumasi V-bH20, ClMoon
Kumasi V-cH20, NiMoon
Kumasi V-dH20, NiMoon
Kumasi V-eH20, Ni, CoMoon
Kumasi VIH20, Cl, Fe, U, HnCn, Ir, CsPlanet
Kumasi VI-aH20, CuMoon
Kumasi VIINonePlanet
Kumasi VII-aHe-3, Al, Nd, EuMoon
Kumasi VII-bH20, Cu, F, xF4, ILMoon
Kumasi VII-cHe-3, FeMoon
Kumasi VII-dH20, CuMoon
Kumasi VIIINonePlanet
Kumasi VIII-aH20, He-3, Fe, Ar, C6Hn, NeMoon
Kumasi VIII-bH20, PbMoon
Kumasi VIII-cH20, Cu, F, ILMoon
Kumasi VIII-dH20, Cl, Cu, Ni, Pb, SiH3Cl, F, CoMoon
Kumasi IXH20, ClPlanet
Kumasi IX-aH20, Cl, XeMoon

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