Starfield | Tirna IX Planet Information and Resources

Tirna IX

RESOURCES: (3) Water Copper Tetrafluorides

Starfield’s Tirna IX Planet Location On Map

Tirna IX is a Planet in Starfield and can be found in the Alpha Tirna System and does not have any moons..

Tirna IX Resources Available

The following table shows the resources available on the Planet Tirna IX: H20, Cu, xF4

Resources in the same System as Tirna IX

The table below shows the Resources available on other Planets and Moons within the same System as Tirna IX:
Tirna IHe-3, Fe, TaPlanet
Tirna IIH20, Cl, Cu, Pb, F, IL, DyPlanet
Tirna II-aHe-3, FeMoon
Tirna IIIH20, Cl, Ni, Pb, Ar, F, Co, AgPlanet
Tirna III-aHe-3, Al, BeMoon
Tirna III-bHe-3, Al, BeMoon
Tirna III-cHe-3, FeMoon
Tirna IVH20, Ni, Fe, U, Ar, Co, VPlanet
Tirna IV-aHe-3, Fe, TaMoon
Tirna VH20, Cu, Pb, U, F, W, VPlanet
Tirna VINonePlanet
Tirna VI-aH20, Cu, F, xF4Moon
Tirna VI-bH20, He-3, Al, Cl, Cu, F, Au, EuMoon
Tirna VI-cH20, Cl, SiH3ClMoon
Tirna VI-dH20, ClMoon
Tirna VI-eH20, ClMoon
Tirna VIINonePlanet
Tirna VII-aH20, NiMoon
Tirna VII-bH20, Pb, WMoon
Tirna VII-cH20, NiMoon
Tirna VIIINonePlanet
Tirna VIII-aNoneMoon
Tirna VIII-bH20, Ar, C6HnMoon
Tirna VIII-cH20, Fe, Pb, HnCn, W, Ta, Ti, DyMoon
Tirna VIII-dH20, Ni, Fe, U, Ar, C6Hn, HnCn, R-COCMoon
Tirna VIII-eH20, He-3, Al, U, Ar, C6Hn, Ir, NeMoon
Tirna IXH20, Cu, xF4Planet
Tirna XNonePlanet
Tirna X-aH20, Cu, Fe, Pb, W, Au, TiMoon
Tirna X-bH20, Cl, SiH3ClMoon
Tirna X-cH20, Cu, F, AuMoon

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