Starfield | Where To Get Mercury (Hg)

Mercury (Hg)

Rare inorganic resource. This item can be used as a component in crafting.

Mercury (Hg) is a Rare Tier 2 Resource in Starfield. It can be used in crafting various things in the game; from Weapons, Armor, and Consumables to Research, Mods, and Structures. It has a Mass of 0.8 and Value of 22. This makes it a low value per weight item.

Mercury Item Code

Players can spawn this item with the following console command:

  • player.additem 0027C4A1

All Planets With Mercury (Hg)

Mercury (Hg) can be harvested or extracted from the 35 Planets or Moons listed below. There is also a random chance at points of interests, such as caves and outposts, will have them in the various interactable storage units or corpses found throughout.

Earth Sol H20, Cl, Pb, SiH3Cl, Hg
Guniibuu VI-b Guniibuu H20, Ni, Pb, Co, Hg, Pd
Indum IV-c Indum H20, Pb, Hg
Pontem Wolf H20, Pb, Ag, Hg
Skink Cheyenne H20, Cu, Ni, Pb, F, Co, Ag, Hg
Jaffa II Jaffa H20, Cl, Cu, Pb, F, Li, Au, Hg
Vesta Lunara H20, Cl, Cu, Pb, Ar, C6Hn, F, Hg
Carinae III-b Carinae H20, Pb, Hg
Ternion IV Alpha Ternion H20, Cl, Fe, Pb, Hg
Hyla I Hyla H20, Fe, Pb, U, HnCn, Ir, Hg
Hyla III Hyla H20, He-3, Al, Pb, Be, Nd, Hg
Hyla V Hyla H20, He-3, Al, Pb, Ag, Nd, Hg
Moloch I Moloch H20, Cl, Ni, Pb, U, Co, V, Hg
Muphrid VI-b Muphrid Cl, Fe, Pb, Hg
Freya III Freya H20, Cl, Cu, Pb, Ar, C6Hn, Ag, Hg
Rutherford V-b Rutherford H20, He-3, Cl, Fe, Pb, U, SiH3Cl, Hg
Heinlein IV-b Heinlein H20, Cl, Fe, Pb, HnCn, Ag, Hg, Cs
Lantana IX-b Lantana H20, Pb, Ag, Hg
Rivera II Rivera H20, Cl, Ni, Pb, Ag, Hg
Schrodinger VI-a Schrodinger H20, Pb, Ag, Hg
Xi Ophiuchi VII-a Xi Ophiuchi H20, Cl, Ni, Pb, SiH3Cl, Ag, Li, Hg
Feynman VIII-d Feynman H20, Cu, Fe, Pb, Au, Hg
Alchiba VII-c Alchiba H20, Pb, Hg
Maal IV Maal H20, Cl, Pb, U, Ag, Ir, Hg
Bannoc I Bannoc Ni, Pb, U, Co, Ag, Hg
Foucault V-b Foucault H20, Cu, Ni, Fe, Pb, HnCn, Hg
Charybdis VII-c Charybdis H20, Pb, Hg
Leonis II Leonis He-3, Al, Pb, U, Be, Ag, Hg
Archimedes IV Archimedes H20, Cu, Pb, F, Hg, IL
Huygens VI Huygens H20, Cl, Ni, Pb, Co, Hg
Verne V Verne H20, Fe, Pb, U, V, Hg, Yb
Verne VII-d Verne H20, Cu, Ni, Pb, U, F, Ag, Hg
Bohr I Bohr Cl, Pb, Ag, Hg
Fermi I Fermi Pb, U, Ag, V, Hg
Strix IV Strix H20, Cu, Ni, Pb, F, Co, Au, Hg

What Is Mercury (Hg) Used For In Starfield?

Mercury (Hg) is used in 2 crafting recipes that we know of so far.

Cooking Station

Dwarf Star Heart Food
Redamp Food

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