Starfield | Where To Get Xenon (Xe)

Xenon (Xe)

Exotic inorganic resource. This item can be used as a component in crafting.

Xenon (Xe) is an Exotic Tier 3 Resource in Starfield. It can be used in crafting various things in the game; from Weapons, Armor, and Consumables to Research, Mods, and Structures. It has a Mass of 0.8 and Value of 27. This makes it a low value per weight item.

Xenon Item Code

Players can spawn this item with the following console command:

  • player.additem 000057DD

All Planets With Xenon (Xe)

Xenon (Xe) can be harvested or extracted from the 20 Planets or Moons listed below. There is also a random chance at points of interests, such as caves and outposts, will have them in the various interactable storage units or corpses found throughout.

Bondar Alpha Centauri Cl, Ni, Pb, W, Pt, Xe
Sirius II Sirius H20, Cl, Ni, U, SiH3Cl, Ir, Li, Xe
Andromas I Andromas H20, Cl, Ni, Fe, U, Ir, V, Xe
Okoro Beta Lunara H20, Cl, SiH3Cl, Xe
Leviathan VI-b Leviathan H20, He-3, Cl, Fe, SiH3Cl, Xe
Carinae V-c Carinae H20, Cl, Ni, Pb, SiH3Cl, W, Xe, Pd
Alpha Andraste III Alpha Andraste H20, Cl, Pb, Ar, SiH3Cl, Xe
Ternion V-a Alpha Ternion H20, Cl, Ni, Pb, SiH3Cl, Co, Xe
Khayyam II Khayyam H20, Cl, U, Ar, SiH3Cl, Ir, Xe, Pu
Muphrid V-b Muphrid H20, Cl, Cu, Pb, SiH3Cl, F, W, Xe
Freya IX-a Freya H20, Cl, SiH3Cl, Xe
Heinlein VI-a Heinlein H20, Cl, Ni, Pb, SiH3Cl, Co, Xe, Pd
Kumasi IX-a Kumasi H20, Cl, Xe
Zosma I-a Zosma H20, Cl, SiH3Cl, Xe
Bardeen V-c Bardeen H20, Cl, Cu, Ni, SiH3Cl, Co, Pt, Xe
Zelazny I Zelazny Cl, Pb, Xe
Zelazny V Zelazny H20, Cl, Ni, Pb, U, Li, Pt, Xe
Huygens II Huygens Cl, Fe, U, Ir, V, Xe
Fermi V Fermi H20, Cl, Ni, Pb, Co, Xe
Strix V Strix H20, Cl, Ni, U, Ir, Li, Xe

What Is Xenon (Xe) Used For In Starfield?

Currently, we do not know of any crafting recipe that exists for Xenon (Xe).

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