Spicy Pepper – Item – Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Spicy Pepper

Fuse Attack Power
Effect When Cooked

This pepper is exploding with spice. Cook with it to create dishes that will raise your body temperature and help you withstand the cold.

0.5 Hearts Restored
1 Hearts Restored (Cooked)
3 Sell Value

What is Spicy Pepper Used For In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

The Spicy Pepper was included in the Breath of the Wild and makes an appearance again in Tears of the Kingdom. Most of its attributes are the same and therefore you may find similar uses as BotW. You can find it on the Material tab in Link’s inventory. It’s general classification is Fruit.

Eating Spicy Pepper raw will only gain 0.5 hearts to your life meter. When Spicy Pepper is cooked, either by itself or when added to a meal, it will regenerate 1 additional hearts when consumed.

You can obtain Red dye for clothes by trading the Spicy Pepper in at the dye shop in Hateno Village.

Burning Spicy Pepper in a fire will create a much larger updraft than normal, enabling Link to catch the updraft and glide far.

Used In Cooking Recipes

All confirmed meals that use Spicy Pepper as an ingredient are listed below.

[Pepper Seafood] Cooked

[Spicy Pepper Steak] Cooked

[Spicy Sautéed Peppers] Cooked

[Charred Pepper] Roasted

[Fruit and Mushroom Mix] Cooked

[Simmered Fruit] Cooked

[Fruit Pie] Cooked

[Fruitcake] Cooked

[Honeyed Fruits] Cooked

[Copious Simmered Fruit] Cooked

When you use Spicy Pepper while cooking a meal that gives a Special Effect, it will increase the duration of the effect by 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

When used in a recipe, the Spicy Pepper will add the [Spicy Effect] to the resulting dish. This effect temporarily raises your body temperature.

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