E3 2019: Adventure Time Joins Brawlhalla Today

Adventure Time may have ended, but that doesn’t mean the travels of Jake and Finn have ended. Starting today, Adventure Time fans can duke it out as some of their favorite characters in Brawlhalla. Jake and Finn are playable along with Princess Bubblegum in the main game as well as the new “Buddy” game mode complete with a “Treehouse” stage.

Each character comes complete with six signature attacks and two Adventure Time-themed weapons to dominate the competition with. They’ll also get their own K.O. effects featuring even more Adventure Time characters.The previously mentioned “Buddy” game type is a rather unique addition to Brawlhalla; in it, players control two characters simultaneously as they try to overcome the competition.

Buddies will only be available in regular matchmaking until the end of the event on June 25, but will remain available as a custom game type forĀ  those who enjoy it. The event itself starts today, go get on there and see why Adventure Time is still the best!