E3 2019: Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Detailed, ATB Confirmed

Square-Enix started off their E3 2019 press briefing with a bang by jumping right into what could be called their most anticipated game: Final Fantasy VII Remake. The publisher has been particularly secretive about the title since they initially announced it, but they finally gave fans some substantial gameplay to chew on.

Specifically, they put the game’s combat mechanics on display, revealing the system to be a mix of real-time combat and the company’s classic ATB system. As characters attack in real time, they’ll fill up their ATB gauges; once they’re full, more power attacks and magic can be unleashed. Items also burn ATB gauges. Additionally, players can change which character they’re directly controlling with a single button. Characters will continue to fight when not controlled by the player, but it’s up to the player to determine when and how ATB gauges are burned.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches March 3, 2020

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