E3 2019: New Trailer Debuts for Metroidvania Game Recompile

During the Kinda Funny Showcase at E3 today, publisher Dear Villagers and developer Phigames debuted a new trailer for Recompile.

Posted below is a look at the upcoming 3D sci-fi Metroidvania title.

Recompile’s entire story takes place in the space of one second of real time and has a unique branching system, meaning that players will be able to unlock multiple endings depending on their choices.

Players have a range of futuristic weapons and super-powered abilities at their disposal, coupled with the ability to hack their way through environmental circuitry, logic gates and enemies.

Dear Villagers and Phigames first revealed the title back in March, and following on from the announcement, Hardcore Gamer had the opportunity to check out Recompile.

“Recompile’s low-poly style and gorgeous soundscapes help give the title a unique flavor that stands out from the Metroidvania crowd,” we wrote in our hands-on preview.

“What was most impressive, however, was the incredibly intuitive controls. […] Recompile felt natural to play and became a fast-paced adventure through the mainframe.”

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