E3 2019: XSplit Continues to Grow Streaming Software

The video streaming market is at an all-time high and XSplit has a lot to do with that. At E3 2019 at the Devolver area, we visited with Miguel Molina, the Director of Developer Relations for the streaming software and discussed the past and the future of the software. XSplit has been around for a few years and it’s up to the company to continue to evolve. Currently, users can download two different versions of the software. Both are technically free, but players can pay to remove a tiny watermark that Molina states is almost nonexistent at this point.

Most streamers and broadcasters are familiar with the two software versions available for XSplit. There is a Broadcaster and Gamecaster software. Broadcaster is aimed towards more professional productions without the hassle of high-dollar software. It’s easy to use and allows countless options for depth, whether it be enabling macros or using various scenes and sources. The software also allows footage to be captured at 4K resolution and 60 FPS if you have the hardware to back it.

Gamecaster is more aimed for the less professional and more towards players trying to get out there. It features automatic game detection and one button streaming so more time can be spent on the battlefield and less in menus. It also includes Chroma Key for removal of backdrops in case your room or workspace is an absolute mess. Or maybe you just like cats. Both versions of the software do include the Express Video Editor so separate software won’t be needed to remove certain things you don’t like.

What XSplit has that is new works with more than just its broadcaster or gamecaster software. While the Chroma Key is implemented into Gamecaster, the recently-released XSplit VCam can work on multiple platforms accomplishing the same type of action. Much like using Daemon Tools on a computer to create a virtual drive, VCam comes across as its own camera no matter what camera you are using. This allows the camera to be added in Skype and other various communication software. What VCam does is remove the background keeping the user at the forefront.

No green screen is needed for the XSplit VCam. Users can choose to either blur out the background or put up another image altogether. Webpages can be put up or backgrounds can be completely removed. Once again, the software is user friendly and offers a ton of customization options. Besides Skype, the confirmed applications that VCam works with is Zoom, Discord, WhatsApp, Slack and even Facebook.

XSplit continues to offer the tools streamers need without having college degrees or a ton of knowledge in video editing. The fact that the majority of the software is free and paying for the subscription more or less supports the company going forward. Having used XSplit in the past, it offered more than I needed without having to fork out a ton of dough. Even after downloading the software, there’s a short YouTube video that shows you how to use it. You can visit XSplit here to see the available software for use. Molina did mention there’s something new coming soon by XSplit that looks to continue to propel the software forward. The company even donates to OBS, the Open Broadcaster Software, to make sure these streaming platforms continue to grow.