007 Legends Moonraker Trailer

Thus far, Bond games have concentrated only on the latest films while ignoring the rich potential from the vast history of the series. Activision has finally realized this (or didn’t have time to throw together a Skyfall game) and is releasing 007 Legends this October.

In 007 Legends, you’ll play six different missions spanning the history of 007. The first up will be based on 1979’s under-appreciated¬†Moonraker, the only entry to take bond into space. While it’d be nice to have a Bond game be something other than a first person shooter, the game looks to have followed the film pretty closely, culminating in the ¬†famous space-station shootout climax.

The fact that they couldn’t, or didn’t, want to license the rights to the original actors is a huge letdown, though. It’s going to be weird playing as Daniel Craig in a Roger Moore or Sean Connery film-based level. Having the original likeness and voice actors would have given this throwback a huge boost.

We’ll see how it all shapes up October 16th. Head over to the official site for more and watch the Moonraker Trailer below.