360 Degrees of Japanese Role Playing

Contrary to the consensus, the Xbox 360 has a strong lineup of Japanese releases, many of which are exclusive to the system. Japanese Xbox 360 owners will tell you about all the quality shmups available in Japan, developed by the likes of CAVE (DoDonPachi series), G.Rev (Senko no Ronde series), MOSS (Raiden series) and many more. However, in terms of Japanese role playing games, the PlayStation 3 had the clear advantage in the last console generation. Not referring to big budget releases like Final Fantasy or Dark Souls, but rather the more niche but high quality titles by well reputed JRPG developers like Atlus, Nippon Icchi and Gust. The PlayStation had no shortage of quality RPGs like the Atelier series and the highly praised Disgaea series of strategy RPGs. PlayStation 3 owners certainly had more JRPG choices outside the mainstream releases.

All that said, the Xbox 360, in its nearly 9 year (and counting) lifespan was graced with a lineup of JRPGs, some exclusive, some timed-exclusives, but there is certainly enough quality and variety for those looking for their fix on Microsoft’s notoriously un-Japanese console. By the time you work your way through our guide, you’ll appreciate the strength and uniqueness of the Xbox 360’s role playing alternatives, and certainly realize that the genre wasn’t nearly as non-existent as it was on the original Xbox.

Without further ado, the Hardcore Gamer team would like to present you with the most comprehensive guide to Japanese role playing games on the Xbox 360. Some of our editors will be sharing their thoughts on these games, we’ll also be digging up some archival quotes from this very publication, and bring some rather unknown and obscure releases to your attention. For the importers, we’ve got a compilation of cool releases that never left the native homeland.

We at Hardcore Gamer love JRPGs a little too much, which is why we have a soft spot for the Xbox 360 and its interesting catalog which features some real hidden gems.

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